Welcome!! Katie is a conservationist, writer, dog lover, mom, and athlete. She taught a Writing about Animals course at the Sarah Lawrence Writing Institute, wrote for the New England Forestry Foundation, and has been a guest blogger on the Nat Geo website.

Bella, her greying Newfoundland, is the ninth in a long line of lovable, large family dogs. Bella whelped eight puppies seven years ago. Blue, her first born, is a bigger version of his Mom. Check out pictures of the two Newfs on Bella’s Blog.

A blend of fiction (Bella being good and not stealing food from the table) and fascinating facts about the plight of piping plovers and other shorebirds, it is a great gift for families to read together. Next up in the series will be a story about mule deer, elk, and mountain lions in Colorado.

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I will be providing literature on wildlife issues and research here. Please check back from time to time to learn more!